Brand Product

Adico photothermal curing material series UV thermal curing resin

UV topcoat

Product Model Purpose Features Viscosity/cP Recommended substrate Recommended processing conditions
KRX-3200 Universal Surface coating Standard Product 50 -200 PET /glass/plastic Tu Covering: offset printing/slit/rod type
Film thickness: 3-10μm
UV hardening: 500-1000mJ/cm²
KRX-3201 tube Coating Heat sealing and bonding 200-350 PE (Corona treatment)
Tu Covering: offset printing/slit/rod type
Film thickness: 3-5μm
UV hardening: 100-500mJ/cm²
KRX-3202 Smoothness 200-350
KRX-3203 Universal Surface coating Soft Sex 100 -306px”>Light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity/cP 2000 -3000 2000-3000
Recommended hardening conditions Substrate: MS, PS, PMMA, PCP, PET
Coating method: gravure, slit, rod type
Solid content film thickness: 10-100μm
UV hardening: 1000-2000mJ/cm²
Physical properties of hardened material Refractive index 1.59 1.52
Glass transition temperature 43 ℃ 73℃
Elastic modulus 25℃ 1860MPa 1910MPa
50℃ 45MPa 660MPa
100℃ 20MPa 75MPa
Pencil hardness F F
Harding Shrinkage 7 % 7%