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Bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine TDS

Bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine COA

Bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine MSDS

Chemical Name

  • bis-(3-Aminopropyl)-dodecylamine

Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine/ 2372- 82-9

Physical and Chemical Properties

Bis (3-aminopropyl)-dodecylamine is a viscous oily liquid that is soluble in water and other organic solvents with a characteristic odor. It is a stable compound, which on combustion emits carbon dioxide and nitrogen

Mode of Action

Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine enhances the activity of enzymes like superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, NADH dehydrogenase and sucinnate dehydrogenase within 1 to 4 hours of exposure. This leads lysis of the micro-organisms. This activity has been studied in depth using fungal filaments of  Aspergillus niger especially in the mycelial form to demonstrate the self destructive changes in the mitochondria and the other cell organelles.  It is active in concentrations as less as 0.05% to 0.1%.

Activity Spectrum

Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine is active against all vegetative forms of bacteria, viruses, parasites and  fungi both yeast and filamentous fungi. It has also shown microbicidal activity against mycobacteria.

  • Broad spectrum of activity especially against filamentous fungi and mycobacteria.
  • Good compatibility with surfactants
  • Low corrosivity as compared to other agents
  • Strong  foaming tendency and hence can be used in some applications where detergent based action is required to clean visibly dirty surfaces
  • Presence of proteins or organic material can reduce its activity
  • Hard water tends to decrease its effects by producing turbidity and precipitation
  • Cases of allergic contact dermatitis have been identfied due to the use of this chemical agent.
Toxicity and Side Effects in Humans

It is a corrosive liquid and can cause injury to the skin and mucosa. Some cases of allergic contact dermatitis have also been reported among health care workers.

Regulatory Information

The hazard symbols pertaining to bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine are related to it being a corrosive liquid and being dangerous to the environment.

Safety Measures
  • Store in a cool dry well ventilated area in a tightly closed container. Avoid handling in confined spaces.
  • Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine is a corrosive liquid and hence  personal protective equipment like apron, gloves, goggles , face shields etc must be used while handling .
  • Chemical protective gloves like nitrile gloves are preferable when handling this agent. A self-contained breathing apparatus or a respirator must be available for any emergency.
  • Do not drain concentrated solutions down the sewer as it is very toxic to the aquatic organisms.
  • In case of fire, use a dry chemical powder or alcohol resistant foam for fire extinction.
First Aid Treatment
  • Skin: Being a corrosive liquid, it can cause injury and damage when in contact with the skin. Some cases of allergic contact dermatitis have also been attributed to this agent. Wash the area with cold water atleast for 15minutes.
  • Eye contact: It can cause chemical burns to the eye. Immediately after exposure splash the eye with plenty of cold water at the eyewash station. An ophthalmic examination must be done to assess the injury.
  • Ingestion: On ingestion, it corrodes the mucosa of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Do not induce vomiting as it may cause hemorrhage due to esophageal tears. Immediate medical help is warranted as it can lead to complications.
  • Inhalation: Immediately take the exposed individual into an area of fresh air and give respiratory support if required. The corrosive effect is likely to cause complications a few hours after exposure to the fumes, hence the patient must be kept under medical supervision for atleast 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • LONZABAC 12.30
  • LONZABAC 12.100
  • methylenediamine;
  • DPTA-Y12D;
  • DPTA-Y12D-30;
  • Triameen Y 12;
  • Triameen Y 12D
  • Triameen Y 12D-30
Appearance & Physical State: Liquid
Density: 0.88g/cm3
Boiling Point: 386.1ºC at 760mmHg
Flash Point: 184.5ºC
Refractive Index: 1.477
Vapor Pressure: 3.63E-06mmHg at 25°C
Safety Info
HS Code: 2921290000
Packing Group: III