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BASF Efka®& Hydropalat® flow leveling agent series 3277 3337 3600 3650 3670 3741 3745 3770 3772 3777 3778 3785 3930 3370

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Product Features

Efka FL 3277

Efka 3277 N

Fluorinated polyacrylate

Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate; solvent-freeEfka® FL3777

Efka FL 3337

Efka 3037


Solvent mixture of high boiling aromatics, ketones and esters; flow agent, prevents surface defects, cob webbing, streaking, cooling, shortening Solidification time

Efka FL 3600

Efka 3600 N

Fluorinated polyacrylate


Efka 3778

Copolymerized acrylate

Acrylic polymer coil coating, suitable for solvent-based and solvent-free systems

Efka FL 3785

Efka 3785

Acrylic polymers are used in industrial coatings, coil coatings, two-component PUR , a two-component epoxy resin leveling agent; also used for baked enamel Yes

Efka FL 3930

Perenol F 30 P

Acrylate on silica

Powdered silicone-free flow and leveling agent

Hydropalat WE 3370

Efka 3570

Fluorinated polyacrylate

Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate; has excellent substrate wettability, leveling and cratering resistance; yes Solutions to Problems in Water-Based Systems

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