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CAS 3855-32-1


Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine, also known as N,N,N’,N”,N”-Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine, molecular formula is C11H27N3, molecular weight is 201.3522, CAS registration number is 3855-32-1 , A chemical intermediate.

Chinese name Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine

English name 2,6,10-Trimethyl-2,6,10-triazaundecane

Alias ​​N,N,N’,N”,N”-pentamethyldipropylene triamine

Chemical formula C11H27N3

Molecular weight 201.3522

CAS Registry Number 3855-32-1

EINECS registration number 223-362-3

High Quality Pentamethyldipropene Triamine / CAS 3855-32-1 / 2,6,10-Trimethyl-2,6,10-triazaundecane

High Quality Pentamethyldipropene Triamine / CAS 3855-32-1 / 2,6,10-Trimethyl-2,6,10-triazaundecane

Pentamethyldipropylene triamine 3855-32-1 bis(dimethylaminopropyl)methylamine Polycat 77 Toyocat PMA Jeffcat ZR-40 Lupragen N302 PC CAT NP50

Alias: N,N,N’,N”,N”-pentamethyldipropylenetriamine, pentamethyldipropylenetriamine, bis(dimethylaminopropyl)methylamine

English name: Pentamethyldipropylenetriamine

Molecular formula: C11H27N3

Relative molecular mass: 201.4

CAS Number: 3855-32-1


Physical and chemical properties:

The appearance of pentamethyldipropylene triamine is colorless to light yellow low viscosity liquid, fishy smell. Dissolved in water, the aqueous solution is strongly alkaline.

Viscosity (25℃, mPa.s): 3

Density (25℃, g/cm3): 0.85

Water solubility: soluble in water

Flash point (PMCC, ℃): 92

Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g): 0


Features and uses:

Pentamethyldipropylene triamine is a tertiary amine catalyst that can balance the reaction of urethane (polyol-isocyanate) and urea (isocyanate-water) in various flexible and rigid polyurethane foams;

Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine can improve the openness of flexible foam and reduce the brittleness and adhesion of rigid foam;

Pentamethyl dipropylene triamine is mainly used in the production of car seats and pillows, rigid polyether block foam.


Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.



200KG/drum Storage: It is recommended to store in a dry and cool area with proper ventilation. After the original packaging, please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible to prevent the water and other substances from mixing into the product and affecting its performance.

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