Brand Product

Covestro Bayhydur XP 2547 Hydrophilic HDI polyisocyanate Low viscosity High chemical resistance

Type Based on Hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate of hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
Form of Supply Solvent free
Purpose As Hardener component of waterborne two-component paints and sealers for inorganic substrates and reactive resin (epoxy, polyurethane) surfaces; also as an additive to enhance the performance of waterborne paint systems.


Product Specifications

Features Value Measurement unit Method
Hazencolor value ≤ 150 DIN EN 1557
Viscosity,23°Cabout1.15 g/ml DIN EN ISO 2811
Flashpoint about185 °C DIN EN 22 719

*The above values ​​are general information.


Generally, this product has good compatibility with organic solvents such as esters, ether esters, xylene and solvent naphtha 100. But solubility and compatibility must be tested each time. Polyurethane grade solvents (less than 0.05% water) should be used.


Since Bayhydur® XP 2547 is hydrophilic, it is easy to emulsify in the water phase and is mainly used as a cross-linking agent for water-based hydroxyl polyol binders (Bayhydrol®). Bayhydur® XP 2547 can also be added to traditional hydroxyl-free dispersions to improve their various properties.


This product is moisture sensitive. When stored properly in airtight containers at not exceeding 30°C, this product has a shelf life of at least 6 months. Viscosity may increase slightly over time.


Security: Hazard Identification
Contains isocyanates, which may cause allergic reactions by skin contact. The Product Safety Data Sheet (492659) should be strictly followed. It includes relevant information such as labeling, transportation and storage, as well as relevant information on product use, product safety and ecology.