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Covestro (formerly Bayer) Desmodur T80 Toluene-2,4-diisocyanate TDI80 584-84-9

Product Introduction
Desmodur® T80 is a mixture of two isomeric forms 2,4-toluene diisocyanate [A] and 2,6-toluene diisocyanate [B] in a ratio of 80:20 compound. At room temperature, the product is a water-opaque liquid. Desmodur® T80 is used in the production of polyurethane.

Must be protected against ingress of moisture of any kind.










2,4-Isomer content




Hydrolyzable chlorine content


mg/ kg




mg/ kg


Other data* DIN 53175




DIN 51758

*These values ​​provide general information and are not product specifications

– Stored in original sealed Covestro container.
– Recommended storage temperature: 18 – 40°C.
-Protect against moisture, heat and foreign objects.

General Information
This product is sensitive to moisture and heat. It should be protected from contact with atmospheric moisture. Higher storage temperatures for longer periods of time may cause discoloration or the formation of insoluble deposits. The product crystallizes at temperatures below 15°C. However, careful melting at temperatures up to 50°C will allow the product to re-solidify without any adverse effect on its quality. The contact surface temperature may not exceed 80°C. The recrystallized product must be homogenized since crystallization leads to a change in the isomer ratio between crystallization and up to the liquid phase.
After removing the product, open containers must be resealed. If stored for long periods of time, product should be covered with nitrogen. The product reacts with water to release carbon dioxide. During storage, transfer and handling of the product, any form of contact with water (moist containers, aqueous solvents, moist air) must be prevented, as the production of carbon dioxide can lead to a dangerous increase in pressure. The polyurea formed at the same time may cause turbidity. They can also cause blockage and damage to filters, pumps and pipes.

Storage time
Covestro represents that for a period of twelve months after the date of shipment specified in the corresponding shipping document, the Products will conform to the specifications set out in the “Specifications or Characteristics Data” section above or Value, provided that the product is stored in full compliance with the storage conditions described and referenced in the “Storage” section above and is otherwise properly handled.
Failure during the twelve-month period does not necessarily mean that the product no longer meets specifications or setpoints. However, before prespecifying a product, Covestro recommends that the product be tested if it still meets specifications or set values. Covestro makes no representations about the products after the twelve-month period and Covestro is not responsible or liable for products that have expired to meet specifications or set values ​​after the twelve-month period.

Labels and REACH Applications
This product data sheet should only be used in conjunction with the latest version of the corresponding safety data sheet. Safety-related information updated in accordance with statutory requirements – will only be reflected in the SafetyData Sheet, copies of which will be revised and distributed. Information on current classifications and labels, applications and processing methods and other safety-related data can be found in the currently valid SafetyData table.

Processing direction
Recommended processing temperature: 20 – 25°C.