Brand Product

Evonik Former Air Chemical Former American Gas Ancamide 2634 Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Product Introduction
ANCAMIDE 2634 is a modified polyamide used in two-component solvent-based systems to meet users’ requirements for excellent surface effects at low cost;
​ ​ Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance at high temperatures. Anti-cathode dissociation, strong matt resistance, good flexibility and adhesion;
It can be used in a wide temperature range; it can be cured at low temperatures or heated to increase the glass transition temperature, so it is suitable for both high and low temperatures.

● Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance
● Wide mixing ratio and operating temperature range
● Low cost
● Strong matte resistance
● Anti-cathode dissociation
● Good flexibility and adhesion
● Non-corrosive products

● Metal surface coating
● Architectural and structural coatings
● High-gloss varnish

Shelf Life
It has been at room temperature for at least two years since leaving the factory. Avoid high temperature and humidity when the lid is opened

Typical Curing Cycle
Room temperature: 2-7 days
Heating: 2-4 hours 93-115C

Notes : Please refer to the ANCAMIDE 2634 Material Safety Data Sheet.