Brand Product

Evonik Original Air Chemical American Gas Ancamine 2883 Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Product Introduction
Ancamine 2883 curing agent is a modified alicyclic amine curing agent, used with ordinary liquid epoxy resin at room temperature. The curing agent is based on Air Products’ unique cycloaliphatic amines, which provide cost-effectiveness, comprehensive chemical resistance and excellent surface properties. Ancamine 2883 curing agent also has high mechanical strength, fast curing characteristics, and is especially suitable for lower temperature applications.

Performance Advantages
①Low color and low viscosity for easy construction;
②Good low-temperature curing performance, suitable for use in any weather;
③High gloss;
④Low usage ratio;
⑤Excellent chemical resistance and oil surface resistance.

① Low-cost surface coating curing agent;
②Industrial floor paint, scraper floor, primer, thin mortar;
③Chemical-resistant tank lining coating;
④High solid coating;
⑤Middle layer lining coating.

Storage validity period
When packaged in original barrels at room temperature and sealed, the shelf life is at least 24 months. Keep away from heat, dry and seal in package. Freezing is prohibited.

Precautions for use
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Ancamine 2883 curing agent.