Brand Product

Evonik Original Air Chemical American Gas WH-1000 water-based epoxy resin curing agent

Product Introduction
Low viscosity, high molecular weight, it is a modified polyamide ammonia-based water-based curing agent. It is easy to emulsify and harden with various epoxy resins, and has good adhesion to concrete on wet surfaces and newly coated concrete. Acetic acid and acidic pigments can also be added to adjust its service life.


Viscosity(cP·s / 25)

15,000 ~ 25,000

acid value

25 ~ 35

Amine value

170 ~ 200

Color value(G/H)

< 10

Solid content(%)

60 ± 2

Specific gravity(kg/m3, 20)


Active hydrogen equivalent

~ 210

I Water-based anti-corrosion coating
II Water-based repair�Paint
III Suitable for material repair in civil engineering
IV Suitable for floor coatings