Brand Product

Evonik Original Air Chemical Original American Gas Ancamide Series, Ancamine Series & Anquawhite Series Floor Epoxy Curing Agent

Ancamide 221-X70 : Low-cost solvent-based polyamide resin, 70% solid content. Can be used in primers and solvent-based topcoats.
The ratio is: 221-70X: 128 (liquid epoxy resin) = 1.7: 1
                221-70X: 1001 (solid epoxy resin) = 66: 100

Ancamine 2773 : Low-cost alicyclic amine curing agent, can be used in mid-coat, low ratio, low oil level, good yellowing resistance, compared with the mainstream 113 type curing agent, light color, high PVC content, 100 % solid content, can be applied to epoxy floor mid-coat and topcoat that are not sensitive to color requirements

Ancamine 2883 : Low-cost surface coating alicyclic amine curing agent, with high brightness and low ratio. It can be used in self-leveling surface coatings except light gray and white. It has good anti-corrosion performance, scratch resistance and hardness.

Ancamine 2280 : Low-cost and highly anti-corrosive alicyclic amine curing agent, which can be applied to floors with high anti-corrosion requirements, such as:
Electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, etc., have high anti-corrosion properties. When combined with 128 resin, it can withstand 70% concentrated sulfuric acid, 50% sodium hydroxide and 10% nitric acid. When combined with phenolic epoxy, it can significantly improve the resistance to corrosion. Anti-corrosion properties.

Ancamine 2422 : The best anti-corrosion curing agent, providing higher anti-corrosion performance than 2280.

Ancamine K54 : Epoxy curing accelerator, the most versatile epoxy accelerator, light color, low addition amount.

Anquamine 721, Anquamine 731, Anquawhite 735 : Water-based curing agent, with self-emulsifying function, high brightness, high hardness, low oil level, light color, can be used in floors with high environmental requirements such as DMP pharmaceutical factories and food factories.