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HDI Waterborne WanHua 161

HDI Waterborne WanHua 161


Product Description:

Aquolin 161 is a water dispersible polyisocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI). In combination with water-borne polyurethane, polyacrylate, etc., it can be used for adhesive products toimprove the resistance to hydrolysis and heat. It also can be used for waterborne coatings. After addition of Aquolin 161, the ready-to-use mixture must be used within the pot life.

Aquolin 161 can be diluted with the solvents, such as propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (PMA), propylene glycol diacetate (PGDA), butyl acetate, etc. Only PU grade solvents (< 0.05% water) should be used and the solvents must be tested in advance by the user to determine suitability.

Product Features:

  1. Excellent resistance
  2. Long pot life
  3. Good gloss and building up


Characteristic Data* :

AppearanceTransparent tolight yellow liquid
NCO content18.2-19.2%GB 12009.4-2016
Viscosity (25°C)1500-3500mPa·sGB/T 2794-2013(Brookfield LV,63#/12rpm)
Color APHA<60GB/T 1722-1992
Monomericisocyanate≤0.1%GB/T 18446-2009
Flash point~226%GB/T 5208-2008
Density~1.16g/cm3GB/T 4472-2011

*Property values represent typical results only and are not to be considered as specifications,subject to specific COA


The product should be stored in dry conditions above 5°C and below 35°C with the integrity of the packaging, and prevent direct sunlight. The validity of this product is for 12 months, performance assessment is recommended before use after shelf life. The product should be protected from freezing during storage. Water dispersible polyisocyanates are very moisture-sensitive and react with water to form carbon dioxide and insoluble ureas. The generation of carbon dioxide can lead to dangerous increase s in pressure. The containers must always be kept tightly closed and the access of water in all forms must be prevented. It is suggested to use up once the package is open.


200KG/drum Please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible after original packaging to prevent the mixing of other substances such as moisture and other substances that may affect the performance of the product. Do not inhale dust, avoid skin and mucous membrane contact. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothes separately and reuse them after washing. Maintain good hygiene practices.

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