Brand Product

Highly chlorinated polypropylene resin 883S (used in PU benzene-free ink)

Chemical name Chlorinated polypropylene resin

General characteristics

Chlorine content

40 %-42%


10-100mPa.S 25,Dissolve with toluene20% span>Solid content solution)

80 -300mPa.S25,dissolved with butyl ester40%Solid content solution)



Softening temperature

70 About ℃

Full melt


883S is highly chlorinated The modified product has excellent solubility. In addition to being soluble in common solvents such as toluene and xylene, it can also be used in ethanol.

Ester, But it is not soluble in ethanol, acetone, etc. Because of its low viscosity after dissolution, it is suitable for relevant environmental protection requirements

Requested Special applications on inks, adhesives and coatings.

883SIf used in benzene-free polyurethane ink system, it is recommended to first use (a mixture of ethyl ester or butyl ester and cyclohexane or butanone

Solution ) dissolved into40%After adding the liquid to the ink based on benzene-free polyurethane resin, the generally recommended addition amount


883SUse mixed solvent to dissolve40%After solution, the viscosity is low and the transparency is high, suitable for benzene-free polyurethane ink In the system, as PPUse of enhancers .

Main purposes

1. Plastic composite binder.

2. Gravure plastic composite ink binder.

3. PP, PET, ABSPVCPurpose material binding material.

4. Heat-resistant ink binder.

5. Anti-corrosion coating binder.


20Kg/ Box(Paper box)

style=”font-size:16px”> 20Kg/Box(paper box )