Brand Product

INV 7000-1 Highly effective polyester hydrolysis resistant solution

Physical Properties


White Or yellowish crystal


Approx. 0.97g/cm³

Melting point

Approx. 50


16.0 -24.0 mPa·s


Yes Soluble in organic solvents, such as acetone, methylene chloride, etc.; insoluble in water

Product Performance
INV 7000-1 can react off the active carboxyl groups generated after the hydrolysis of the polyester molecular chain, preventing the further progress of the hydrolysis reaction, thereby effectively inhibiting the decline in mechanical properties of the material caused by hydrolysis , greatly extending the service life of the product.

Technical advantages
· Using the latest synthesis technology, better stability;
· High activity and quick reaction with carboxyl groups;
· High purity, no isocyanate residue;
· Superior to similar foreign products and widely used.

Typical applications
· INV 7000-1 can be widely used in PU products, such as TPU, cast PU elastomer, PU adhesive, PU coating, PU Shoe sole solution, PU microporous elastomer, etc., generally added in an amount of 0.5-2.0 phr, can significantly improve the hydrolysis resistance of the product.
· INV 7000-1 is generally used in polyurethane systems in a molten state, and the processing temperature is not lower than 50°C.
· Polyester polyols: The addition amount is 0.5-1.0 phr, which can quickly reduce the acid value of the polyol and improve the hydrolysis resistance of the material.

· TPU: Add different amounts of INV 7000-1 to TPU. After a certain aging time, the material will stretchThe retention rate of strength and elongation at break are both much better than the solution without adding INV 7000-1 (70°C boiling test).

Storage stability
It can be stored in the original packaging for at least one year under airtight and dry conditions.

Packaging specifications
10kg cold-rolled iron drum or 25kg PE-lined paper drum.

Safety information
See the safety data sheet of INV 7000-1.