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Japan Shin-Etsu silane coupling agent KBE KBM1003, KBE KBM402 403, KBM1403, KBE KBM502 503, KBM602 603 903 573 575, KBE913P, KBE585 9007, KBM802 803

Silane Coupling agent

The molecule of the silane coupling agent has the function of combining organic materials and inorganic materials with each other The base plays a mediating role in the aggregation process of organic materials and inorganic materials. It has the functions of improving the mechanical strength of composite materials, improving bonding properties, changing resin and its surface properties, etc.

Shin-etsu Advantages of silane coupling agents

Improve functionality: further improve adhesion, hydrophobicity, and softness

Environmentally friendly: reduced VOC, low volatility

Easy to use: double liquid is improved to single liquid, eliminating the need for hydrolysis process, good The storage stability can be mixed with the solid value

Four Examples of application methods

(1) Mixed

Function given: heat resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, resin improvement Strength

Application examples: cross-linked polyethylene (wire), phenol resin (grindstone, Mold), artificial marble wall materials, SBR (tyre), rubber, epoxy resin (EMC)

(2) Painting

Function given: adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance

Application examples: adhesives, films, photoresists, coatings, inks, hardeners Quality coating

(3) Filler

Function given: dispersion, hydrophobicity, fluidity, high filling

Application examples: inorganic pigments, talc, aluminum hydroxide, titanium oxide, diamine Silicon oxide

(4) Inorganic substrate

Function given: rust prevention, water resistance, adhesion

Application examples: copper foil, steel plate, glass, fiberglass

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