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Octanedioic acid CAS 68937-75-7 Nonanoic acid

Common name Octanedioic acid English name Nonanoic acid

CAS No. 68937-75-7

Molecular weight 158.23800

Density N/A Boiling point 254.5ºC

Molecular formula C9H18O2 Melting point 12.4ºC

MSDS US version

Flash point N/A

Synonyms: Caprylic acid (8-10 acid, C8C10 acid); 810 mixed acid; Caprylic acid C8-10; Caprylic acid C8-10,68937-75-7; Fatty acid C8C10 (caprylic acid); 810 acid; C8-10 acid; Caprylic acid


68937-75-7; EINECS: 273-086-2

C810 acid: Caprylic-CapricAcidBlend; Caprylic/CapricAcid; Octanoic/DecanoicAcid

English Name:

FattyAcidsC8C10; CAPRYLIC/CAPRICACID; Octanoic/DecanoicAcid/FattyAcidC8-C10

Molecular Formula:



Light amber to colourless clarified liquid with an oily odour.


Content >99.9%, Acid value/360, Saponification value/361, Iodine value/0.18, Fatty acid composition: C8 is 59.5, C10 is 40.1.

Name of octanedecanoic acid

Chinese name Octanedioic acid

English name Nonanoic acid

 Physical and chemical properties of octanedecanoic acid

Boiling point 254.5ºC

Melting point 12.4ºC

Molecular formula C9H18O2

Molecular weight 158.23800

Precise mass 158.13100

PSA 37.30000

LogP 2.82160

 Octanedioic Acid Safety Information

Customs code 2942000000

 Octanedioic acid Customs

Customs Code 2942000000

Fatty acids are a class of carboxylic acid compounds consisting of hydrocarbon groups linked to carboxylic acids. They are widely used as raw materials in various industries and as intermediate products in the chemical synthesis of antibacterial pesticides and other products.

It is used as a raw material for plasticizers, stabilizers and flame retardants in the plastics industry; lubricants, rust inhibitors and hydraulic fluids in the petroleum and metalworking industries; surfactants for textile coatings and mineral processing; the production of alkyl chlorides of agricultural products, methyl octanoate; and synthetic triglycerides of caprylic acid, pentaerythritol esters and polyol esters as metal lubricants, lubricants and emollients for personal care products.

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