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Organic tin manufacturers

Organotin is a kind of organotin compound, which is mainly used in PVC liquid stabilizer, acrylate additives and other fields. Suzhou Haoruicheng Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shule Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are both manufacturers of organotin. Organotin is a chemical widely used in chemical, plastic and other fields. The following are some common organotin manufacturers:

1. Hubei Haopei Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yushui Industrial Park, Jianli County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province): specializes in the production and sales of organotin stabilizers, organotin catalysts and other products.

2. Fuzhou Aoxing Chemical Co., Ltd. No. 106, Meifeng Road, Shanshan District): mainly produces organotin stabilizers, organotin catalysts, organotin reagents and other products, among which T-181, T-282 and other products are widely used.

3. Jiangsu Jinbo Chemical Co., Ltd. (Wangjiangjing, Haian County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province Industrial Park): Has rich experience in the production of organotin products, producing organotin catalysts, organotin heat stabilizers, organotin reagents, etc.

4. Beijing Wansheng Trust Chemical Co., Ltd. (Fengtai District, Beijing Kaiyangli Building No. 7): Production of organotin-related products such as organotin stabilizers, organotin catalysts, organotin reagents, etc.

The above companies are just examples, there are many other organic tin manufacturers in the market available. When purchasing organic tin products, you need to pay attention to product quality and safety issues. It is very important to choose reputable manufacturers and qualified products.